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In 2020, an estimated 120 Americans alone attempted to take their own lives (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), and suicide was the fourth leading global cause of death in 15-29 year olds (World Health Organization). Although women suffer from depression at a significantly higher rate than men (W.H.O.), middle aged men account for the highest suicide rate globally (AFSP). More than 2/3rds of people impacted by depression do not seek or cannot access professional mental health aid (Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance). Untreated depression is the leading cause of suicide.

In 2021, I was officially diagnosed with generalized anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder, a form of depression. For years prior, my hygiene was impacted, my health suffered from under-eating, I was extremely self isolating, and I consistently self-medicated by simply overworking. Like many with depression, I battled strong feelings of incompetence. No matter how well I performed or produced, I never felt good enough. I finally realized I needed help when I saw how much quality time I was missing with my loved ones. Although I participated, it were as though life progressed without my being fully present. Yet, even as a mental health professional, I faced stigma, and had a lack of knowledge and resources to cope.

Each day is an uphill battle, but one I’m confidently overcoming thanks to hope. Hope has transformed my perspective, especially regarding the effectiveness of available resources and treatment. The simple power of believing there is more for me has carried myself and others I know through the darkness of depression. Thus Depression Has No Color is more than clothing. We’re a platform bringing awareness to the darkness of depression in order to lift the stigma around seeking help and make professional mental health resources more accessible to everyone. Our greatest aspiration is to prove that depression doesn’t define the lives of those whom it impacts, and create a space for the conversation thereof to be as normal as inquiries regarding the weather.



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